Embrun, Easy-living throughout the seasons

Often called « Nice of the Alpes » , Embrun town is south facing and is well known for it’s sunny and invigorating climate. This is a lively, colourful and happy town, reputed for it’s lifestyle and old historic town centre.

Set apon a cliff, at a height of 80 metres, this town offers a splendid and impressive view overlooking the river Durance which flows into the lake of Serre Poncon.

It is it’s geographical situation that largely explains Embrun’s economic prosperity and it’s historical importance right up to the French Revolution.  Today Embrun has become a top destination in the Southern Alpes due to it’s preserved natural environment, it’s closeness to the National Park of the Ecrins and to it’s unlimited choice of outdoor activities.

One is seduced by the beautiful historical buildings, from the medieval times through to the Archdiocesan and Provencal times. There are many pretty squares and gardens waiting to be seen (certification label – Ville et Pays d’Art et d’Histoire)

Embrun town and its region offers you an abundant culturale life, various high-performing sports amenities and a wide commerciale choice in the form of local accomodation, shops and restaurants. This natural and relaxing environment favours a large choice of outdoor activities both on land and in the water and some unforgettable family holiday experiences for all vistors/tourists, not to mention  a superb quality of life for it’s some 6,500 local inhabitants.